Juice is a modern and complete bluetooth manager for macOS

MacOS may have a lot of strengths, but let's face it: the device manager Bluetooth It is certainly not one of them. Basically identical for more than a decade, the limited, unclean, and non-intuitive feature is simply intuitive in other words, it simply exists because it has to exist without any kind of visual refinement or functionality further advanced behind. The utility Juice comes to fix it.

Created by the developer Mike Choi, the app aims to replace macOS native Bluetooth manager with a much more beautiful, modern and functional solution. The utility has a simple interface that, on its home page, shows your frequently connected accessories, with current connection status, and the battery level of compatible devices, such as AirPods and Magic Mouse.

You can summon Juice from the menu bar or via a widget who lives in your Notification Center and displays quick information about connected devices. If you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you can also take advantage of the bar utility extension, where you can touch any saved device to connect it immediately.

Another interesting feature: Juice allows you to configure keyboard shortcuts that will automatically connect a specific device (your pair of AirPods, for example) to your computer.


Despite the simplicity, the application also has more advanced functions: right-clicking on the comic of any device, Juice displays the complete metadata of the accessory and its connection, which can be great for solving problems, for example. Oh, and it also has a Dark Mode built into macOS preferences.

Juice can be purchased from the developer's website by $ 6. For those who want a bluetooth manager worthy of macOS, it's worth considering the small investment.

via iDownloadBlog