Judge dissolves lawsuit against Google Street View

In April 2008, the Google Street View service was accused of an invasion of privacy by recording 360º images of a small private paved road in the American city of Pittsburgh.

“The car was on a public road that ended up becoming a paved road on private land, leading directly to the garage. After arriving at the residence, the Google car turned around and continued capturing the images ”, published at the time Felipe Hummel.

Second current information of IDG Now, Judge Amy Reynolds Hay, of the Pennsylvania District, granted Google the victory in the lawsuit after the owners failed in the allegation against the internet company.

Aron and Christine Boring were asking for compensatory and punitive damages, as Google had invaded their privacy, acted negligently, unjustly enriched and entered their property in Pittsburgh, which includes a private road.

Although Google removed the images in question, the judge denied another request made by the couple to permanently prevent their property from being displayed in photos on Google Maps.