JP Morgan states in a note that Apple can "grow a lot"; designs AAPL at $ 400

Let's forget for a moment that the iPhone could reach two huge carriers in the United States and China at the beginning of next year: how is Apple's financial situation in the eyes of the analyst firm JP Morgan? Not bad, with a NASDAQ: AAPL projection of $ 400 for December 2011. Confirming this rumor could mean an increase of $ 2 (11%) to EPS (earnings per share, or earnings per diluted) next year.

Predictions for Q42010 - JP Morgan

In addition to this estimate, the forecast for quarterly revenue to be announced on the 18th of the next month was raised from US $ 18.13 to US $ 18.75 billion, with gross profit margins of around 39.5%, which may again exceed 40% to soon as the beginning of the year, thanks to the drop in prices of components like hard drives and NAND flash / RAM memories.

Much of Ma's success comes from the competitiveness of the iPad in the tablet industry, largely because of the need for content to power this type of device in which Apple is unbeatable, with its iTunes Store. Cannibalization of Macs? Negative: it is easier for a new “halo effect” to promote the sale of Ma's computers as centers for creating content, while the tablet will serve as an ultraportable experience. With all that, the iPad should sell 4.7 million units this quarter, totaling more than 8 million in fiscal year 2010.

(via AppleInsider)