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Journaling Applications – The Best Virtual Journaling Options

If you like to have a diary to jot down ideas and commitments, helping you plan better in your daily life and not forget anything relevant, know that there is an interesting and viable alternative to put it into practice: the virtual diary.

This is a daily app for use on your smartphone or tablet. The difference is that this is a sustainable version, since it does not use paper, and is quite practical, since just open the app and write down what you want.

Interested in this type of tool? So be aware that there are several free virtual directory apps for you to try and choose which best suits your needs and profile. Here are the best options:

  1. My Daily WriteDiary

Application that allows the user to note comments and appointments by date, keeping full control over all information, since the app is password protected.

In addition, My Diary makes it possible to write unlimited notes, ie, no character limit, reminders, back up notes and save the entire content to the cloud.

In the configuration part, the user can choose different themes for the application, as well as register and reset the password easily, including searching specific notes using the search menu.

The simple app layout makes it easy to use the tool. There is also the option of using emoticons during the registration of notes, being a differential for those who like this feature.

  1. Journey Two App Studio

Journey is considered one of the best virtual daily apps, making it possible to record daily events, secrets, ideas, thanks and moments. With the app, you can have it all on your smartphone and relive every topic when you want.

The app proposes that user memories last forever, so all records made in the app are released in the cloud, either on Google Drive or Journey's own service.

Journet App

The app differentiates itself by making it possible to upload videos and photos that have to do with registration. In addition, the tool extracts external information, such as hours and temperature forecast, by entering it in the annotation.

There is also a function called Throwback, which works as a retrospective, allowing the application user to review their timeline, annotations and relive certain moments and thoughts.

Want to download and use Journey, but are afraid someone will access your comments? No problem: You can add a password or fingerprint to release the app, meaning only you will have access to the content.

In addition, the app allows you to install plugins (like Google Fit) to customize the daily, providing a different user experience.

An important detail: In Journey, several functions are free, but some can only be used in the premium version, which pays. The tip is to download the tool and test it. If it is really good for you, it is worth investing in the premium option.

  1. Diaro Pixel Cratel

Diaro has the purpose of recording experiences, activities, ideas and thoughts, having as a differential the possibility of synchronization of the app with all equipment used by the user (smartphone, tablet and computer).

If you want to find a note, the app comes with a powerful search engine that receives entries like dates, titles and words, displaying results within seconds.

The user-friendly application interface is the multilingual app (available in over 30 languages). In addition, Diaro enables password registration to access the content, including photo uploads.

If you want, you can sync the app with others from social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, to also post notes on profiles and update your media.

Some functions of the app are released for free, but others only in the PRO version, which must be purchased. In it, data synchronization with the cloud is released, as well as backup using Dropbox, and there are no announcements.

  1. Daylio

Daylio is a different virtual diary: In addition to noting activities and thoughts, the user can also record his mood, helping to understand his habits and create a pattern to become more productive.

Daylio app

Like other apps, the user can register an access password, back up to cloud / Google Drive, and customize annotations with app features.