Jony Ive would not have given much importance to the creation of the iPhone X

Jony Ive would not have given much importance to the creation of the iPhone X

We can safely say that the news of the exit of Jony Ive Apple took the world of technology by surprise; however, to those closest to Ma's head of design, his absence from Cupertino was already practically routine, according to a new report from Wall Street Journal.

As we reported, Ive would have started moving away from Apple in 2015, shortly after being promoted to the company's design director. Now the WSJ echoed these statements from the sources of Bloomberg and stressed that this departure actually began after the launch of the first Apple Watch in 2015.

According to the report, after Apple CEO Tim Cook's approval, Ive dived headlong into the project to build Apple Watch, despite the disagreement of some executives who questioned whether such a small device would really be a hit.

According to review firms, thousands of Apple Watch Edition units ($ 10,000 and up) have not been sold. Overall, the WSJ points out that Apple sold about 10 million units of the gadget Wearable in the first year but that was a quarter (!) of what the company expected.

According to some Apple officials, after sales of the watch began, Ive not only started moving away from the company, but also stalled several projects and sometimes didn't even attend meetings frustrating teams that had worked weeks to finish designs on time. to demonstrate them to the chefo.

Turbulence in the creation of iPhone X

In one case, Ive's absence and “discouragement” disrupted even the iPhone X design process launched in 2017. Earlier that year, Apple escorted several prototype models inside Cupertino to introduce them to Ive. ; In addition to hardware, many designers had also considered moving from the lock screen to the iOS home screen and needed the approval of Ma's design director.

Despite the pressure to finalize all resources before the device was launched in October, many staff members were disappointed that the executive failed to provide them with the necessary guidance. One of the sources of WSJ He said that "it was a difficult (iPhone X) development cycle."

By all accounts, Cook gave Ive an ear to "restore his daily responsibilities" after the iPhone X fiasco. WSJ reports that it was not long before Ive disconnected again, which was amplified when the designer's father fell ill in England.

So Ive's separation from Apple was really a gradual process, with decisions hanging in the air and an increasing absence until other people actually took part in the executive's decisions, as one of Ma's employees described it:

Many of us were thinking, “How did that come about?” There was a feeling that Jony was gone, but was reluctant to hand over the reins.

Despite the regrets, surely many Ma executives and employees should now be pleased with Ive's new official position.

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