Jony Ive wins award honoring Stephen Hawking

The head of design at Apple, Jony Ive, won this year's brotherhood of Stephen Hawking, which honors the late scientist. The award given by the Cambridge Union Society is the largest free speech debate society at the University of Cambridge in England.

Created last year, the award aims to recognize contributions to technology and social discourse, as disclosed by Varsity. During the ceremony, the president of Cambridge Union, Charles Connor, said Ive was one of the ā€œmost influential individuals in modern technologyā€.

Ive, who is responsible for the design of the iMac, iPod, MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad, an honorable member of Jesus College. He holds more than 5,000 patents and was named a knight in 2006 for his ā€œservices to the design industryā€.

The designer is the second person to receive the award, behind only Stephen Hawking himself. Cambridge Union created the fellowship on behalf of the former scientist with the intention of recognizing his contributions to the rights of people with disabilities.

Hawking gave the fellowship's inaugural lecture in November 2017 one of his last public appearances before he died in March 2018.

I should be offering a lecture at Cambridge Union during Michaelmas' period, the first academic session of the year, next Saturday (9/29). According to the president of the Cambridge society, the Apple executive talks about his career and reflects on technology and the design universe.

via 9to5Mac