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Jony Ive talks about the technological challenges and opportunities that come with Apple Pencil

Give interviews. This new wave among top executives at Apple. Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Phil Schiller is the turn of Jony Ive will be the center of attention due to the arrival of an accessory widely known to us, but that until then Apple had never created: a stylus (more specifically, a pencil).

iPad Pro lying on its side with hand holding Apple Pencil

In addition to Apple Pencil, we also have the arrival of the Smart Keyboard. But it must be said that curiosity about Apple's pencil is not only due to the creative aspect of the product, but also because of the technology involved and the controversy on account of Steve Jobs having rejected a stylus when presenting the iPhone in 2007 making it clear that the context was completely different, since the former Apple CEO was referring to the main way of interacting on a smartphone screen (day-to-day) and not about an accessory specially created for that people in the area are able to accomplish things that, with their fingertips, would be impossible (or very difficult).

The interview for the The Telegraph he briefly told the story of one of the most famous designers in the world and the challenges of creating something completely technological, but done to replicate precisely what we humans have been used to doing for a long time.

We hope that if you are used to spending a lot of time using brushes, pencils and pens, you will feel this (Apple Pencil) as a more natural extension of that experience you will be familiar with. We had a significant technological challenge to achieve this degree of very simple and natural behavior.

() Many of us in the design team have worked together for 20 years or more. We always draw in our notebooks, and for the first time despite having flirted with some alternatives for years I am seeing people starting to use the iPad and Apple Pencil. Our personal experience has been that there are definitely resources and opportunities now that you have a much more natural and intuitive environment to work with, clearly there are things you can do by drawing and writing on the iPad that you could never dream of doing in the analogue world.

Ive thought that people would be surprised when using Apple Pencil, since, according to him, all styli that we already use today are “a poor representation in the analogue world”.

This is the kind of thing that we will only be able to verify after putting our hands in one and being for a long time, especially those in the area, of course. The first feedbacks we saw for the day are really praising the pencil as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that all aspects of the accessories pleased. Ive even commented on one of these points: the fact of having to "stick" the pen into the iPad Pro's own Lightning connector to recharge the accessory.

"We don't like having to charge multiple devices and manage them, so one of the things we worked hard at was the recharging process."

Recharging the Apple Pencil battery

Although it takes about 15 seconds for you to use the pencil for 30 minutes, this charging process is definitely not intuitive. Less badly than in the accessory box there is a Lightning adapter to make things easier. But in my view, Apple missed a good opportunity to solve two problems at once: imagine if it had created a charging system in which, when we attached the Apple Pencil to the iPad Pro (on its side, with ms) , would the accessory automatically start to be recharged by induction? In addition to having a fixed place to store the pencil, it would almost always have a full battery (since, while not in use, it would be there, stored and recharging).

Another point that bothered some was the lack of an “eraser” on the top end of the Apple Pencil, something that is common to see in accessories like this. This point, however, was not addressed by Ive in the interview.

As much as Apple executives are talking a lot more with the press than before, Ma's design director is still, without a doubt, one of the most secretive people in this circle. It is not so common to see him talking to journalists like that, so it is always good to read and understand a little more the vision of the designer who currently commands a good part of Apple.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is already on sale in Brazil for R $ 749, with delivery expected between 4 and 6 weeks.

(via MacRumors)