Second generation of AirPods

Jony Ive comments on the “weird” design of AirPods and details of their creation

It’s potato: just a new Apple product to be launched and the main names of the company come out in real tours giving interviews left and right to promote the saying whose, almost like a musician releasing new album – it was no different, of course, with the new ones AirPods. Many of the statements that come out of these stories are nothing but sleepy propaganda, but this talk of Jony Ive with Jon Wilde, from GQ, it was interesting.

One of the main points of the interview was to try to understand how the AirPods came out of a product with questionable design, for which (almost) everyone turned their nose up at the time of its presentation, until the current status – so quickly conquered – as an icon of culture pop and absolute sales success. Ive got a hunch:

I think this was a common initial reaction to AirPods [o estranhamento] – a reaction based on their academic understanding, instead of an understanding based on their practical daily life. We tend to focus on the attributes that are easy to talk about, and just because we talk about them does not mean that they are the most important. All it means is that they are the easiest to talk about.

Second generation of AirPods

The journalist also spoke about some aspects of the absurd simplicity of the product, which, according to him, is his main appeal. A specific point: the “click” that the case makes when its lid is closed magnetically. Ive talked about this particular detail:

When you have objects that are inherently very mechanical, I think it’s important that you pay attention to all aspects of the design. There is color and shape and all of, say, architecture, but there are also these conceptual and difficult-to-define behaviors, such as the clicking noise and the force of a magnet that closes a lid. One of the things that we thought about a lot was the way the case guides AirPods as you fit them into it. I love these details – you have no idea how we went wrong for so long while we were designing and developing everything.

And do you agree that AirPods have passed the test of time so quickly and can be considered one of Apple’s greatest hits in recent times? Leave your opinions below.

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