Jony Ive brings back memories of Steve Jobs and Jimmy Iovine attacks “freemium” model at Vanity Fair event [atualizado]

Jony Ive brings back memories of Steve Jobs and Jimmy Iovine attacks “freemium” model at Vanity Fair event [atualizado]

As we reported at the end of August, Jony Ive and Jimmy Iovine participated yesterday in the “New Establishment Summit” gives Vanity Fair held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The issues debated by Apple executives were, of course, entirely different.

Jony Ive on Steve Jobs

In the following video passage, Apple's design boss talks a little about how his memory of Jobs today is four years after his death. According to Ive, many of the general characteristics of Jobs' person were spontaneously put aside by his mind, leaving only what stood out the most.

Specifically, Ive explains how Jobs managed to focus in a very simple and even "childish" way on creating truly good and beautiful products.

Asked by an event participant about what he thinks of the Jobs films (especially what's coming out, scripted by Aaron Sorkin and starring Michael Fassbender), Ive tried to select his words well but was unable to avoid showing his discontent though has not yet watched the film itself.

For him, it is “sad” to see someone being described by people who were not even close to him, such as his co-workers, friends and relatives. He is "afraid" of how Jobs might have been introduced in production.

As you may have noticed from the videos, Ive shared the stage with film director J.J. Abrams and producer Brian Grazer.

Jimmy Iovine attacks model "Freemium"

O The Verge accompanied the interview with one of the current responsible for Apple Music, who focused on saying that for Ma it would be very easy to win millions of users for their service offering free music.

Iovine believes that Apple has set the right model for its service streaming, without harming the artist. And although he cannot reveal official figures, he said that he “would not be there” if they were bad.

In the following video, HBO CEO Richard Plepler talks about a learning story with Iovine:

Update · 10/13/2015 s 16:34

The full video of Ive's interview, almost an hour long, is now online:

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