Jolly Jam: Rovio's Candy Crush Alternative

Jolly Jam: Rovio's Candy Crush Alternative

Jolly Jam the new game from Rovio. I played it during this afternoon and right off I can say that it a mix of Candy Crush, Jelly Splash and Two Dots. If you can't imagine how that can be, then explain it in more detail.

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A game full of color! / Rovio Entertainment
<p style=I was very surprised that Rovio employed the colorful and somewhat childish aesthetics that adopt apps like Candy Crush. With Juice Cubes we saw a first try, but nothing compared to what we have now with Jolly Jam. Personally, I prefer the look of Angry Birds and Tiny Thief.

How to play

Jolly Jam falls into the games category of puzzle or puzzle, where we have to combine elements. In this case it is fruit (or fruit candy) and the form of combination changes. Here we move away from the classic "reindeer three or more in the same category" to find a new concept.

In Jolly Jam we have to gather corners of the same color, that is, a corner where there is a blue candy with another corner with the same candy. The bigger the square gets, the more candy it will cover, and all will be collected to the delight of your scorer. That is our goal, to get a concrete amount of candy of different categories in a given number of moves.

jelly jam
Doesn't it look like Candy Crush? / Rovio Stars Ltd.

Of course, there are the usual extras and the level of difficulty grows as we progress.

A game for the waits

Yes, honestly this is my conclusion. I believe it is a good game for the waiting rooms or for the subway or bus route. The new way to combine fruits by creating squares pleased me a lot. It gives a new look to this already repeated formula. Despite that, I didn't get stuck to the screen, and I don't know if Jolly Jam will be as addictive as Candy Crush.

Jolly Jam wasn't that game that after two seconds you know it won't be easy to drop. Have you downloaded it yet? It is 89 MB free (but has in-app purchases) and is available at this link to the Google Play Store. Tell us your opinion!

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