John Gruber talks about iPhone 3GS, Snow Leopard's “Marble” interface and Apple tablet

John Gruber talks about iPhone 3GS, Snow Leopard's “Marble” interface and Apple tablet

iPhone 3G with matte finish?

With so much rumor preceding this Worldwide Developers Conference 2009, a big name was missing to bring some more convincing information. And this came, a few hours ago, from Daring Fireball, blog written by renowned John Gruber. The guy brought information and assumptions about what we can see tomorrow during the opening keynote of the event, here in San Francisco.

iPhone 3GS

This is the name that Apple can use for the new iPhone, which comes with a faster processor (CPU), twice the RAM, twice the storage capacity and a current 15-20% higher battery. Prices should remain the same as the current line: US $ 200 and US $ 300 for 16GB and 32GB, respectively. A new video camera will be the highlight of the device, which should keep the colors black and white. What does the “S” in the name mean, however, no one knows. Finally, he says that the current 8GB iPhone 3G can occupy the so-called $ 100 model space.

“Marble” interface

Apple's plans to revamp the Mac OS X interface may have been delayed and will not be implemented in 10.6 Snow Leopard. The project, however, exists within Cupertino but cannot yet be shared with developers. Gruber believes that, to make the new OS available soon, say, at the end of August, Apple would have to give them more time to adapt their new UI software.


Here is another project that he considers to exist at Apple, but which is not scheduled for the presentation of this WWDC ’09. It makes sense, if the iPhone 3GS arrives. It would be two releases too big to share the same ad day.