[Jogos para Android] The most celebrated Atari games on the Android Market


The arrival of a new year always makes us think about what we did and we do not do it in the year that is left behind. And if the nostalgia of the most recent makes us drunk, we start to travel in time. We went back to our childhood, when we were content to play in the street (the violence was not so great and our parents let us play in the street!) Or, at most, with telejogues that, in time, were replaced by the 80’s fever: the Atari. Back to the future, we are currently looking for a rescue from the past. And the great companies of that time are well aware of this need for every human being to have a foot in the past and build a story, or stories.

With that in mind, the North American game pioneer company, Atari, decided to bring Android Market their valuable «relics». And for just 10 €, it is possible to have access to all Atari’s greatest successes: Centipede, Asteroids, Battle Control, Crystal Castles, Tempest, Pong and another 90 games are part of this package in honor of nostalgic or retro game lovers. And if you don’t want to have all the games, but only the ones you have as your favorites, you won’t need more than 1 euro to buy them separately.

We already made a balance of retro games that we found interesting in two parts (Part 1 / Part 2), but there was undoubtedly something missing between them: Atari games for Android. Atari, which justifies its end because of competition from companies like Nintendo, is somehow back. The most interesting thing about smartphone technology is that it not only represents steps we take for the future, but also how it is possible to rescue something that we thought would be lost forever in the distant past. Atari comes back with everything, since it has been having great success in the Apple App Store – around 3.5 million downloads have been recorded there. And that she has the same success in Android Market!

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