[Jogos para Android] All Gameloft games for € 0.79 – coming soon!

[Jogos para Android] Semua game Gameloft seharga € 0,79 - segera hadir!

This is one of those news for all those who like games:

THE big turn of the year offer on the Android Market will be featured on the Gameloft Facebook page. When should this super offer start? Well, that’s the problem: there is no indication of a precise date. So, you need to be aware.

There were rumors that this would happen yesterday, but that is not what we found. Being a New Year’s promotion, it may only be valid for December 31st or even for the first working day of 2012, that is, January 2nd. As we said, attention is needed. Usually, Gameloft games cost around € 5.50. Having them 5 times less is not a waste.

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