[jogos clássicos] Minesweeper on iPhone and iPod touch

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Starting today, we start a series that will highlight classic games on other platforms that also have a version for iPhone OS. The first one will be the famous Minefield, immortalized by the Windows system.

The only drawback: because they are games they are not available on the Brazilian App Store. So you will need an account Argentina or American to download them.

Who has never wasted hours trying to defuse the bombs in this game? The objective is to guess where each explosive is, following the numerical indications for each square, which determines the number of bombs in the 8 squares that surround it. If you press the wrong box, the game is over.

Get to know now three free examples that can be found on the App Store.

Mininesweeper (free – link App Store)

This is the most classic of the classics, because it even imitates the graphical interface of similar Windows. Ideal for the most nostalgic.


Through a configuration panel you can adjust the level of difficulty, which usually has to do with the number of pumps and boxes available. Has advertising.

Minesweeper Free (free – link App Store)

Creativity in names is not one of the strengths of some developers. This game is the same, but a little more worked graphically, with animations every time the bomb goes off.

MinerSweeper FreeMinerSweeper Free

TinyBoom! (free – link App Store)

Also very simple, just changing the graphics. You can, as in the others, adjust the difficulty and other settings.