JJ Abrams declined a nearly $ 1 billion deal with Apple;  first image of “Servant” appears

JJ Abrams declined a nearly $ 1 billion deal with Apple; first image of “Servant” appears

There is less than two months to go premiere of Apple TV + and, of course, the news about the platform streaming from the Apple keep coming. Today, we have three updates – and let’s get right to them!


The series of M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense”) for Apple TV + finally got its name: it will be called “Servant”, and already has its own page on the Apple website – in addition to an unpublished image, published by Entertainment Weekly.

In the photo, the character of Rupert Grint (from the “Harry Potter” series) looks frightened at a cradle, while the protagonist, played by Toby Kebbell (“Fantastic Four”), is concerned. The series, which also stars Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under”) and Nell Tiger Free (“Game of Thrones”), has the following synopsis published by Apple:

By M. Night Shyamalan, “Servant” portrays a bereaved couple from Philadelphia after a terrible tragedy creates isolation in their relationship and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

From the description, it looks like we will have another typical mystery Shyamalanian – or so we hope. Apple has not yet given a debut date for “Servant”, but EW said the series will hit the platform in December.


Meanwhile, the Variety reported that Apple acquired the global distribution rights for the documentary “Dads”, directed by the actress Bryce Dallas Howard and which recently debuted at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF).

Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas HowardRon and Bryce Dallas Howard

Described as a “joyful celebration of contemporary fatherhood”, the documentary features the participation of Bryce and his father, the filmmaker Ron Howard, in addition to testimonials from several other parents – among anonymous and famous ones, such as Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris and more – talking about their experiences, difficulties and joys.

According to the report, Apple is exploring the possibility of a limited debut of “Dads” in theaters at the same time that it makes the documentary available on its platform – a strategy already adopted by competitors, such as Netflix and Amazon, that gives more prestige to productions and allows them to compete for awards like the Oscars. There is no information on when this will be, however.

JJ Abrams

Finally, more details emerged about the decision of the filmmaker and producer JJ Abrams, which, as we have already commented, declined an almost $ 1 billion exclusivity contract, offered by Apple to its producer Bad Robot, and preferred to close a more modest (US $ 250 million) partnership with WarnerMedia.

JJ AbramsJJ Abrams

According to Hollywood Reporter, Abrams’ reasons are simple: he didn’t want to be stuck exclusively with Apple, preferring to keep the possibility of selling Bad Robot films and series to other buyers if he so wished. Abrams, as we know, has good relationships with several studios: he is the main creative mind in the current trilogy of “Star Wars”, at Disney, and has directed several films at Paramount.

According to the report, Apple was willing to offer Bad Robot an exclusive contract $ 750 million and $ 1 billion. Abrams, however, would have been disappointed with the presentation of Apple TV + in March, and declined the offer – the information, however, was later denied by sources close to the producer and Apple.

THE Hollywood Reporter he also said that Abrams had doubts about Apple’s strategy to launch films in the cinema – something, of course, that it has not yet done and shows no signs of doing at some point. After all, Abrams is still closed to produce the series “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends” and “Lisey’s Story“. with the company.