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Jeff Williams tells how Apple Watch became so focused on health; blood glucose monitor is quoted

No news that the Apple watch became one gadget It is fundamental for the tracking of physical activities and the measurement of biological parameters, especially with regard to heart health. However, the surprise comes from the fact that Ma did not foresee how important these resources would become, according to the company's COO, Jeff Williams.

In an interview with the executive published by The independentWilliams said Apple's expansion into health has been "organic." In this sense, the company did not have a "major health initiative" at first, but it was a subject on which it was quickly concerned.

Most people think we had this giant health initiative; Well, we had some notions at first, but we don't know where that would lead. It is honestly a situation where we start pulling wires and the more we pull, the more we realize that there was a great opportunity to impact people with information that is in their fists.

Many will recall that Apple aimed to reach another user niche with the launch of the first Apple Watch in 2015 by turning the watch into a fashion accessory (and quite luxurious in the case of the ultra-expensive gold Apple Watch Edition). . At the time, the company invited fashion bloggers to its debut event and also debuted the gadget at Paris Fashion Week.

However, Williams says the helm began to change course when the company realized the potential of Apple Watch in contributing to the health of users, notably the first time Ma received a letter from a consumer about this “new” importance. of the watch:

The first letter we received about (Apple Watch) saving someone's life with just the heart monitor left us extremely surprised because anyone can see the time and calculate their heart rate. But then we began to receive more and more answers and realized that we had a huge chance, and perhaps even an obligation, to do more. This led us to do everything, including drug-regulated applications.

Today, Apple has doubled the health capabilities of Apple Watch with features like ECG and Drop Detection. More recently, a number of new features and studies have been premiered with watchOS 6, which will focus on tracking women's menstrual cycles and gynecological conditions, mobility and audio.

Nevertheless, there has been a long-awaited feature from users that, if implemented with Apple Watch, would revolutionize (once again) the way many people follow their health: a blood glucose monitor. As we commented, several rumors have already emerged about the possible feature, which was briefly quoted by Williams:

Noninvasive tracing of medical conditions is incredibly challenging. You talked about glucose, but people have been talking about noninvasive blood glucose detection for decades. I read every year that someone created a noninvasive monitor for ready glucose detection. And I will tell you that it is quite difficult to detect glucose level when you cannot access interstitial fluid, and it is much harder to do it with photons. Still, of course, we are interested in more sensors in the future.

Although it has been "raining in the wet", Williams has assured Ma has work to further expand the possibilities with Apple Watch, whether with a future glucose meter or not. In fact, all this echoes the remarkable phrase that the CEO of Ma, Tim cookhe said during an interview earlier this year, when he said Apple's biggest contribution to humanity will be in the area of ​​health.

With each new sensor that Apple implements in Watch, more makes it an indispensable device for certain people. And that gradually becomes a gold mine for her.

via 9to5Mac