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Jeff Williams says Apple doesn't want to be an "elitist company"

As we know, it is not Apple's way to talk about the value of its products during events or even in interviews with its executives. However, Apple's COO, Jeff Williams, addressed the taboo around Ma's pricing policy during a speech to students at Elon University in the United States.

Initially, Williams recounted some of his career and explained how he eventually joined the Cupertino giant in 1998. That year, the executive had just left IBM and was about to join the Dell team that he said was in High was when his former IBM co-worker Tim Cook invited him to join Apple.

In his retrospective, Williams said that the 1998 Apple was not (obviously) what it is today. At that time, the company was emerging from a series of financial problems and was about to fail that was soon after Ma cofounder Steve Jobs resigned as CEO after he was fired in 1985.

Apple is currently among the most valuable brands on the planet and was the first US company to reach $ 1 rail in market value last year. However, the executive admitted that he does not pay much attention to the value of Ma's shares; instead, it focuses on ?making quality products with worldwide impact,? as the Time news.

After his speech, a student asked Williams if Apple had any plans to cut its prices and quoted a report from an analysis company that said the iPhone cost only $ 370 for the company but sold for $ 1,000.

Stories that come out about the cost of our products (have been) the rune of my existence since the beginning of time, including our early days. Analysts really don't understand the cost of what we do and how much we care about creating our products.

He also explained that not only the product that counts, but all the work dedicated to creating a certain gadget and / or technology. In the case of Apple Watch, he said Apple had built a complete physiology lab and hired about 40 professionals to organize a survey of over 10,000 participants to study how best to measure calories burned during exercise.

While trying to justify why Ma's pricing policy is like, the executive admitted that he understands users' concern about rising product prices, especially with regard to the iPhone.

something that we are very aware of. We don't want to be an elitist company () we want to be an egalitarian company and we have a lot of work being done in the growing markets.

Of these works, it is likely that Williams referred to the possible manufacture of high-end iPhones in India, as well as the expected realignment of prices of this device in some markets.

via MacRumors