Jeff Bezos earned $ 13 billion in a single day. It is the biggest climb ever among the “richest”

The week started very well for Amazon, which closed the day with an 8% appreciation of its shares in the market. That climb represented an entry into the personal safe of the company's leader, Jeff Bezos, of $ 13 billion in a single day. This sum is considered the biggest daily rise ever with regard to the fortunes of the billionaires group, among the richest in the world, according to the Bloomberg database, created in 2012.

tek jeff bezos Evolution of the fortune of Jeff Bezos, the leader of Amazon. (C) Bloomberg

Amazon has been benefiting from e-shopping optimism, driven by widespread demand during the relative isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is one of the most reliable for online shopping, having even increased 73% this year.

Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world, with his fortune being valued at $ 172 billion at the end of May, earning him a new record. Previous brand that was owned by itself, when in September 2018 it registered 167.7 billion dollars in its bank balance. And this is before the divorce with his wife MacKenzie. The company also benefited from the valuation of Amazon, having collected 4.6 billion dollars on the same day. Currently the 13 richest person in the world.

According to Bloomberg's accounts, despite the United States' entry into the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, his personal fortune is worth more than the valuation of big companies like Nike and McDonalds. Below you can see what you could buy with Jeff Bezos's fortune.

tek jeff bezos (C) Bloomberg