Jaybird announces two new wireless headsets due in October

The headphone industry is growing, especially wireless options, which allow users much greater mobility. Yesterday, the Jaybird acquired by Logitech in April last year announced its two new wireless headset options.

Jaybird RUN

Driven by the influence that headphones like the Bragi Dash and AirPods had on the market, the company announced its first completely wireless headset, the Jaybird RUN.

Jaybird RUN

The RUN is capable of uninterrupted playback of four hours of content, and you can get another eight hours with the help of its recharging case. The small box offers fast loading, which can offer one hour of content playback with just five minutes of recharging.

Because it focuses primarily on running athletes or those who exercise, the rugged * and * waterproof RUN, thanks to what the company called the "nano hydrophobic double coat".

With a single button on each side of the headset you can initiate calls, stop and play on music, skip tracks and even call Siri. For those who prefer to run but need to keep a close eye on their surroundings, it usually works with just one of the headphones.

You can pre-order Jaybird RUN $ 180, directly from Jaybird page the product should start shipping in October.

Jaybird Freedom 2

Already the second option announced, the Freedom 2, that wireless "s not"; that is, its connection to smartphones and other wireless devices (via Bluetooth), but both sides are connected to each other by a cord, so that there is an extra security for those who deem it necessary.

Jaybird Freedom 2

Already Freedom 2 is for sale by $ 150 through the site and also hit the market in October.

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A cool option that works with both headset options announced is the app. Jaybird MySound, available for both iOS (9.0 or higher) and Android (4.4 or higher). It allows you to adjust the volume of the headphones' sound at low, low and high, and even includes the Find My BudsIn case you forget where you left them. In addition, you can also share playlists Spotify with other brand users.

Jaybird MySound app icon

via The Verge