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Jaumo – What is it? What is it for? How to Use Step by Step

Relationship apps have become increasingly common for anyone who wants to find something special or just keep a friendship. An application of this kind that gained prominence among the Brazilian public, Jaumo.

The relationship app available for free, both for Android and iOS. However, some features are only available for the VIP version of the application. As well as the Tinder, its operation and its interface are very simple and intuitive, just drag the photos of the possible intentions to the right, if you liked it, or to the left, if you didn't like it. It is worth mentioning that the app allows you to start a conversation even if there is no match, a term used in Jaumo that is similar to “match”.

With operation in several countries, the tool allows configuring the visualization of users in a radius between 10km to 1,000km. However, it is also possible to choose the option “it doesn't matter” and start a conversation with people from any location, including other nationalities. According to the website of the creators themselves, the application already has more than 30 million registered users worldwide. So, the chance to find someone interesting to start a great conversation.

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<h2><strong>What is it for?</strong></h2>
<p>The main objective of Jaumo  <strong>offer a safe environment to meet new people and maintain a relationship.</strong> Interests can be friendship, casual relationships and serious relationships. The vast majority of Jaumo users, however, prefer the category of friendship and serious relationship. In addition, the app has a well-balanced audience between men and women.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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To achieve this goal, Jaumo relies on tools such as chat to start a conversation with someone you are interested in. This is allowed even if a match has not occurred. However, it is possible to configure the tool to allow starting a chat only when a combination has occurred.

To like or discard a candidate, just swipe the photo to the left or right, depending on your interest. This process is very similar to that of other relationship applications.

Another very interesting feature of Jaumo is its geolocation system. With him, It is possible to view other users of the app near your location, between 10km and 1,000km. You can choose the option that distance is not important and start a conversation with people of other nationalities, if you prefer. With Jaumo too It is possible to visualize when a user is or not, facilitating interaction between members.

In the VIP version of the app, in addition to not being bothered by advertisements, the user can view new subscribers on Jaumo. However, the great advantage of this application is the possibility of starting a live video transmission. Before, this functionality could be accessed by all users. However, it is now only available in the VIP version of the app. However, although they cannot broadcast live, users of the free version still have the possibility to watch the transmissions carried out by a VIP user.

How to use?

Jaumo app

Using Jaumo is quite simple. Just download the app according to your operating system (Android or iOS). Then, follow these steps:

  1. Register – it can be using your Facebook account or filling in your email, name and age. Or, if you prefer, being able to enter as a guest to access the app without providing your data;
  2. In the initial menu, possible candidates will appear according to your profile. Slide your finger to the right, if you liked it, and to the left, if you didn't like it;
  3. The heart cone represents a “super tan” and can only be used once a day. When triggered, the person will be notified and will be able to visit your profile;
  4. To see if any user you liked also liked you (combination), just click on the heart icon and then on combinations;
  5. To view the profile, click on the person's photo;
  6. If you want to start a private conversation, click on “Open conversation”.

Only possible candidates will appear in the main menu when you first access the free version. After that step, it will be you who should look for your suitors. For the VIP version, the suggestion you want to always occur. please note that the app offers the test in the VIP version for 7 days free, if you are interested in testing all Jaumo features.