Jason Momoa compares “See” to “Game of Thrones”; “Helpsters” and “Ghostwriter” trailers are released

Apple TV +: Jason Momoa compares “See” to “Game of Thrones”;  “Helpsters” and “Ghostwriter” trailers are released

We are just over a month away from enjoying the new content on Apple TV +, the new streaming video from Apple.

Until then, however, the news about the company’s service doesn’t stop.

Among the good news, more details of the series with actor Justin Theroux were released; in addition, the protagonist of «See»Jason Momoa compared the production to the hit “Game of Thrones”, among other news.

“The Mosquito Coast”

Just yesterday, we reported that the actor Justin Theroux (in «The Leftovers») will star in a new Apple TV + series, but not much information about the production had been released so far.

Now, the Variety published a report that provides even more details about the series, which will be called “The Mosquito Coast”.

Justin Theroux

The series will be based on the 1981 eponymous novel created by Paul Theroux, the protagonist’s uncle.

The story will be told from the point of view of the main character, little Charlie Fox, and focuses on his father Allie, who is an inventor.

Eventually, Allie becomes a critic of American consumerism and culture, deciding to uproot her family and move to Mosquitia, in the historic Mosquito Coast region of the Caribbean.

As we said, the production will be directed by the filmmaker Rupert Wyatt, from “Planet of the Apes: The Origin”, and will have as executive producer Neil Cross, in «Luther».


The awaited production «See»starring the actor Jason Momoa, will be one of the first to arrive with Apple TV + on November 1st.

As seen in the trailer and in snipets of the series, Momoa will play Baba Ross, father of twins born in the midst of a blindness pandemic.

When Ross realizes that his children can see, he must protect his children and his tribe against a queen, who believes the twins have been bewitched.

Jason MomoaPhoto: Shutterstock.com

About the drama, Momoa told EW that this is probably your “best job”, adding that your role is no different from warrior Khal Drogo, from the series «Game of Thrones», who played in the first season of HBO’s success.

Imagine if Khal Drogo survived.

He was never a father.

I was never able to accomplish any of this.

Even in «Frontier» [série da Netflix], I had a son and my family was taken from me.

In this, in the second episode, I am 60 years old with 15 year old twins.

Even though he is a warrior, he is a man who tries to keep his family together.

I never experienced a father role.

I never had the opportunity to go to these places before.

As her role involves playing a warrior who fights without being able to see, Momoa blindfolded and trained with fighting professionals for the blind.

The less you depend on your eyes, the more sensitive your skin will become.

When you enter a room, you feel an object approaching you, and the more you train for it, you become that ultimate warrior, because your senses are so intense and you don’t depend on your eyes.

Who there is already looking forward to marathon «See»?

«Ghostwriter» and «Helpsters»

As «See», two other original Apple productions aimed at children will also be launched alongside Apple TV +.

Are they: «Helpsters» and «Ghostwriter».

Both series were presented during Apple’s special event last March, when the streaming was released, but until then neither production had won official trailers – until now.

It is now possible to watch the trailers on the official Apple TV + page, as well as those of other new features of the service that are coming.

While «Ghostwriter» is a reboot of the 1990s series based on four children who come together to solve mysteries, «Helpsters» is an educational program featuring characters from the Vila Sésamo series, from almost five decades ago.

Chad Feehan

At the beginning of the year, we informed that the scriptwriter of the franchise «X-Men», Simon Kinberg, was hired by Apple to produce a new sci-fi series for Apple TV +.

Soon after, it was announced that the screenwriter Chad Feehan had joined the production team, but it is now known that Feehan left the project after a period as showrunner, as disclosed by deadline.

Feehan, whose credits include the series «Banshee» and «Ray Donovan», was hired as a producer and screenwriter.

However, his spy film, «355», starring Jessica Chestain, was released for production and he needed to step aside to direct it, according to the report.

Still without an official name or even cast released, there is not much information about the development of the series, which apparently does not have an estimate to reach Apple TV +.

via BGR, 9to5Mac, Apple World Today