Interior of Apple Marunouchi

Japan’s largest Apple Store will open this week; Zurich store opens

Whether in the United States or abroad, Apple continues to work on expanding and renovating its stores around the globe. This time, the company opened (and will open) a new address in Switzerland and Japan, as we will see below.

Apple Marunouchi

The Cupertino giant has announced that its new store in Tokyo will open next Saturday, September 7. This is the company’s third store in Japan that will open since April, but it has a differential: it is the largest Apple Store in the country.

Located next to the Imperial Palace and opposite the historic Tokyo Station, the new Apple facility in the Japanese capital marks a “significant moment in Apple’s long relationship with Japan,” according to Apple’s senior vice president of retail and people, Deirdre O’Brien:

Marunouchi has incredible energy and our teams can’t wait to welcome customers to our biggest store in Japan for the first time on Saturday.

The new store has two floors and was built with a facade that, although familiar, is distinguished from everything we have seen in other stores due to the cast aluminum finish created to “allow the windows to present three-dimensional rounded corners”.

There is also a concept for installing glass windows that cross the two floors: allowing the “vibrancy of life on the streets to connect with the interior of the store”.

Interior of Apple Marunouchi

As with many other stores around the world, Apple Marunouchi will offer Today at Apple, starting with the “Tokyo Creative Guide”, a special series of 12 sessions in which the company will highlight several features of the Japanese capital to commemorate the inauguration.

Apple Marunouchi Facade Video Wall

The company also said that, later this month, Apple Fukuoka will gain a new (larger) space and that Apple Omotesandō’s renovations will finally be closed.

Apple Rennweg

As we reported a few weeks ago, after some contract problems, Apple decided to change its address to Apple Bahnhofstrasse, in Zurich (Switzerland). Not far from the first location, the company opened the doors of its new store, Apple Rennweg.

Apple Rennweg facade

The black facade of the new store stands out amidst the local architecture, predominantly white and brown, with the Apple logo on the door. Inside, the two-storey store has several tables for product displays (following the company’s latest retail design), but nothing Video Wall.

Despite being a “replacement” store, Apple did not say that it will be temporary. The company also has three other facilities in the country, including Apple Glattzentrum, which was recently renovated to include a Video Wall and a forum Today at Apple, as well as Apple Rue de Rive and Apple Freie Strasse (which are on the waiting list for renovation).

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