Mockups of the new iPhones of 2019

Japanese website brings possible details about 2019 iPhones

The Japanese website Macotakara is one of those who usually does well in rumors about new iPhones. The track record is not 100% impeccable, but it is very good.

Today, they brought out possible information – obtained, presumably, from sources within Apple suppliers in China – about the iPhones of 2019 that confirm and at the same time contradict past rumors.

To begin with, it is practically a consensus that we will have models of iPhones with three cameras this year. According to the Macotakara, this triple system will be on two new models with OLED screens: one 6.1, the other 6.5 inches. The information is curious, since the current XS line is made up of models of 5.8 and 6.5 inches, while the XR (cheaper) has 6.1 inches.

This three-camera system would have at least one big lens, bigger than the rear camera of the iPhone XR and probably bringing a also bigger sensor (for better capture in low light environments).

Their sources say the 6.1 ″ model will be 0.15mm thicker that the iPhone XS and that the 6.5 ″ model will be 0.4mm thicker than the iPhone XS Max. In compensation, because of this, the “bump” of your cameras should be reduced by about 0.5mm.

Mockups of the new iPhones of 2019

Other good news, if confirmed, is that both models will come with a Lightning to USB-C in the box and with a 18W USB-C adapter for fast charging. In addition, as already mentioned, the devices are likely to be able to recharge other devices by the Qi standard, like the charging case of the new AirPods.

In general, this year, a new look is not expected to be very different on the new iPhones compared to the current ones. In addition to these changes already mentioned, we should have a new generation of the “A” chip Apple and other one-off improvements.

via AppleInsider