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Japanese may buy iPhone XR at a discount

After speculations that emerged last week, the realization finally: Apple reduced the values โ€‹โ€‹of iPhone XR in Japan, where apparently the popularity of the new gadget company has not been one of the best, given the increase in sales of iPhones 8/8 Plus in the region.

The Cupertino giant indirectly caused this reduction by offering operator subsidies NTT DoCoMo, one of the largest in the country. In a 24-month contract, the operator's new customers will be able to save up to $ 100 in the cost of the device. Other operators in Japan are also likely to offer better contracts for the purchase of the iPhone XR in the coming days.

As we mentioned, it is believed that Apple authorized Japanese operators to offer greater discounts on the purchase of the iPhone XR linked to some plan due to lower than expected demand for the model. Nevertheless, the iPhone practically has half the smartphone market in Japan, but the low popularity of the device in the country has definitely caught the company's attention.

If you are already thinking that the prices of this model or the XS / XS Max iPhones should go down in other regions of the world, better to take your horse out of the rain. As highlighted by 9to5Mac, Apple is careful to apply subsidy practices like this in specific, previously selected markets, where it considers it necessary to increase sales.

Still on selected markets, another rumor we commented on is the possible resumption of production in the iPhone X in certain countries, since the contract that Ma has with Samsung Display requires that a minimum number of OLED panels be produced, and who knows (re) attracting consumers who preferred this model. We'll see