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Japan and Germany want to make official documents available on iOS 13 via NFC

Just over two months ago, we reported that Apple extend the reading capabilities of the chip NFC iPhones by the end of this year, with the arrival of iOS 13. The novelty first drew the attention of the United Kingdom by enabling the chips of certain identification documents (such as passports and identities) to be finally compatible with the technology used by Ma.


Recently, Japanese government executive adviser Masanori Kusunoki also confirmed that the country has plans to develop an app that can read tags NFC of the National Identification Document (DIN) there to streamline bureaucratic processes that require this data, introduced in 2015.

With it, all resisters in Japan are given a number that is used for various administrative purposes, such as filing the income tax document, but that does not mean that you are required to carry it with you.

The card contains a tag NFC that can be read by the new Japanese app to store personal information on the device. As in the UK, certain devices running the Android system already offer this option, but with the popularity of the iPhone in Japan, the feature is likely to have a much larger membership.


The German Home Office also said that updating and making the AusweisApp2 app available for free, so that both citizens and country visitors can use their iPhones for the purpose of scanning identities and passports using NFC technology.

Apple still needs to approve applications on a case-by-case basis, but based on Ma's positive reaction to this feature, Apple is likely to approve all of these government applications.

What about Brazil?

Around here, plans for the creation and implementation of a single national identification document started popping up about two years ago, with Law 13.444 / 2017 establishing the National Civil Identification (ICN) as a form of single registration to hinder personal document fraud.

Brazilian National Identification Document

The project has not yet taken off, but if ICN ever comes up, surely the Brazilian government could provide an app like the ones above to make it easier to fill out official forms, since the document in question has a chip and a tag NFC scanned by iPhone.

We can only wait and see.

via The Verge, AppleInsider