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Jailbreak unc0ver 3.0 is available for iPhones and iPads (iOS 11 through 12.1.2)

The practice of jailbreak It is becoming less common every day and with every new feature conquered (the hard way and many user requests, quite true) by iOS. Still, anyone who stays in the world of unlocking iPhones and iPads now has a new option: unc0ver 3.0hacker @ Pwn20wnd.

The tool is finally coming out of the testing phase after no less than 51 (!) Beta versions, and covers devices running versions of the iOS between the 11 and the 12.1.2. There is a great deal here: devices equipped with the A12 Bionic or A12X Bionic chips ie XR, XS, XS Max iPhones, 2018 Pro iPads, 2019 iPads and iPad mini at the are supported by the utility. Owners of these devices should expect another solution, such as Substitute (also from @ Pwn20wnd), to apply the jailbreak.

Soon, the team Electra should also launch their jailbreak For newer versions of iOS, Electra12 should even include devices with Bionic A12 (X) chips. Until then, however, anyone who wants to unlock their iPhones or iPads will have to keep unc0ver.

The unc0ver 3.0 installation package can now be downloaded from GitHub and for those who don't have much idea how to proceed, iClarified It has complete tutorials on how to perform the process on Mac or Windows guides are in English, but are well illustrated and can be followed by anyone without much difficulty.

And who's going?

via iDownloadBlog