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Jailbreak popularity declines further with the closure of two of the largest repositories on Cydia

With each new version of iOS, new features emerge for iGadgets. Although the Apple smartphone dictated fashion and arrived with a very new proposal when it was launched, the iOS iPhone OS, from the beginning, was quite limited when comparing the last versions of the system.

For those who couldn't wait to see Ma's annual updates, there was what we know as jailbreak, which opened the system to the unlimited underworld of resources, customizations and applications even before the App Store existed; on the other hand, this practice violated the User License Agreement and also void the warranty coverage of the device.

Perhaps you may be wondering about verbs in the past, since the possibility of doing the jailbreak Still exist. But it seems that the days are numbered. That's because two of the main repositories on Cydia (which is basically an alternative app store) announced that cease your activities.

iPhone with jailbreak running iOS 6jailbroken iPhone running iOS 6 | Image: New Atlas

Last week, ZodTTD / MacCiti announced it would close its repository and yesterday (11/23) it was the turn of ModMyi declare the same, advising that those who still need it use the repository BigBoss, one of the last famous sources of Cydia that is still active.

Analyzing the events, we can conclude that the closing of two of the largest repositories is a result of the decrease in interest in carrying out the jailbreak, mostly because most features like more options in the Control Center, widgets on the “Today” screen, screen recording and so many others are already available on the newest iOS versions.

In the same matter as Motherboard about the “death of jailbreak”That we quote in this article, Cydia creator Jay Freeman said that before jailbreakers they had “incredible features that were almost the reason why you have the phone”, but now it’s just “minor modifications”.

In 2010, Apple had already said that the jailbreak “It can seriously degrade the experience with your iPhones”, making the device “unstable and not working reliably”. Therefore, even though the community that followed the jailbreak may be sad, certainly Ma must be elated with that.

For those still interested, there are still places for discussions on the topic on Reddit, in the forum MacRumors and in several other locations. But considering that there is (yet?) A new way to do the process in iOS 11, maybe we can declare his death for good.

Are you going to miss it? 😜

via MacRumors