[jailbreak] MyWi turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

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After almost a year that the OS 3.0 brought the function of tethering to iPhone (using the device as a 3G modem), most Brazilian operators have not yet enabled the function. The litany is the same: they blame Apple, which in turn passes the responsibility to the operators.

This forces many people to choose jailbreak device, which has good options. The best of them, according to the opinion of this Blog, is the application MyWi.

MyWi magically turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, being able to connect several different devices wirelessly. It shares the device’s 3G connection.

The configuration couldn’t be simpler. In fact, everything happens in the application. On the computer, nothing needs to be configured, just choose the Wi-Fi network generated by the iPhone.

When opening the application, you will have to configure the name you want to give your wireless network, as well as the channel and a password, if you do not want anyone else nearby to connect. Make sure your device is not connected to any Wi-Fi network, but over 3G.

After that, just activate the button WiFi Tethering and the traditional bluish bar will appear at the top of the screen. It also indicates the amount of download and upload data. At this point, it is possible to close the program, that the connection continues. To stop it, just reopen it and turn off sharing.

The program also has an extra advantage: it has an “auto fix” that activates the normal internet sharing function on the device (via USB or bluetooth).

Of the solutions we tested, the MyWi proved to be the most practical and easy to configure. In addition, it has the great advantage of serving as a modem for the iPad, which does not accept the tethering iPhone via bluetooth. With that, it becomes unnecessary to buy the 3G model and still subscribe to an extra data network service.

Despite being an application of jailbreak, it is not free. MyWi costs $ 9.99 and can be installed by Cydia, including source apt.modmyi.com. The Blog does not recommend installing another installer, the Rock Your Phone, for causing certain instabilities in the system.

THE jailbreak is a modification of the device to allow the installation of applications not authorized by Apple. It is recommended only for experienced users, as it can give a lot of headache to those who are not intimate with installations. More details here.

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