Jailbreak Electra brings Cydia back to devices running (almost) all versions of iOS 11 [atualizado]

O jailbreak an increasingly rare act in the world of iTrecos, for reasons that are open for discussion.

Would it be a greater offer of native resources on the part of iOS? A greater sense of satisfaction on the part of consumers towards the system? Or the tiredness of dealing with unauthorized and sometimes unfriendly applications? Arguable.

The fact that it still exists, and, to the followers of the practice that are up to date with Ma's mobile operating system, a new tool brings for the first time the famous repository Cydia to devices running (almost) all versions of iOS 11.

This is the jailbreak Electra, developed by the hacker @CoolStar.

Jailbreak Electra

The tool includes devices running from the iOS 11.0 at the iOS 11.1.2, including the recent iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X. good to note that this is a solution semi-tethered, that is, each time the device is restarted, the Electra application has to be opened again to perform the jailbreak.

Cydia, for its part, has not been officially updated to iOS 11, indices show, moreover, that the once largest repository in the world is dying, but @CoolStar itself has tweaked the code of the alternative store so that it works in the latest version of system.

Do not expect, however, a huge amount of applications and tools that take advantage of the new features of iOS 11.

The installation process for Electra is relatively simple: just download the package from the official website of the tool, connect the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch to a Mac or PC and open the Cydia Impactor program, which will be included in the download.

When the software recognizes the device, drag the Electra IPA to the window in question and provide your Apple ID credentials to authenticate the operation.

Once you have installed Electra, before opening it for the first time you need to take a short trip to the Settings of the iOS device.

In General Device and Profile Management, just tap the Electra profile and select the option to trust it.

Finally, start the application itself, activate the switch "Tweaks" and touch the big button "Jailbreak".

With the end of the process, Cydia will be pompous on your home screen.

For those who work best with visual guides, the Redmond Pie made a tutorial full of images for the exact same purpose.

Who will board? Leave your experiences below!

Update 02/28/2018 s 14:50

The developer Jay “saurik” Freeman, creator of Cydia in person, shared a post on Reddit criticizing the action of @CoolStar when launching Electra and recommending users of the repository to avoid installing the tool or otherwise stay away from the next versions of Cydia that should be released soon (as there is no way to guarantee compatibility between the repository and the jailbreak from now on).

According to @saurik, the people who installed Electra are “basically using a fork (fork) ”From everything he has done, and @CoolStar built the tool“ without thinking about how it would affect everything else he’s working on now or working in the near or distant future ”.

The developer also criticizes @CoolStar's attitude of giving Electra packages similar names and version numbers similar to Cydia himself and @saurik's creations, which can create confusion for users and future versions going forward.

@saurik completes stating that, yes, he is developing updates for Cydia that should arrive soon; users who prefer to stay with the developer should stay away from Electra, in their own words.

The hacker @CoolStar responded to @saurik's comments on Twitter, stating that the developer didn't even bother to check Electra's packages and several of his claims are incorrect and almost all elements of the tool were developed by himself.

What situation, huh?