[jailbreak] Callcounter, an application to control your monthly expenses with calls

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That the iPhone is a device present in the most diverse daily tasks, we all know.

But we must not forget that our lovely iPhone, as the name implies, is still a phone.

Some time ago the Apple cell phone was almost restricted to postpaid plan customers, since until the appearance of iOS version 4.0 there was no function to turn off the use of cellular data – which resulted in a constant and significant decrease cellular credits of customers with a prepaid plan.

On the other hand, with the emergence and popularization of prepaid internet plans, many iPhone users are joining this type of plan.

For those who still maintain the post-paid contractual mode, which provides monthly “packages”, an application that can avoid surprises at the end of the month is the Callcounter 3, available on the Cydia Store.

The purpose of the application is to control the minutes spent in detail, so that the consumer does not exceed the contracted limit.

Here are some details of the application:

In the first field, it is possible to configure the start and end date of the count.

In the example in the photo, the billing period for the account that must be paid in the month of May, started on 03/20/2011 and will end on 04/19/2011.

This date must be entered manually and only once by the user, and can be found on your operator’s invoice.

Next, there is the possibility to filter the time of calls by Received, Made or Both.

Here, for those who want to control expenses, it is recommended to enable the filter Made.

It is also possible, in the next field, to select the statistics for only one person in particular.

In the fourth field, it is possible to exclude some numbers from the general statistics.

In the image above, for example, the excluded number is that of Girlfriend.

Some operators offer in their plans the possibility to indicate a number Favorite, which, in the case of the operator VIVO, allows 300 minutes per month to speak for free with the selected number.

The application is still capable of generating a graph so that the user has a control of how much he spoke with each number during the month.

Finally, the Callcounter 3 it is so detailed that it is possible to configure up to the counting time of the call period:

I explain: In the case of LIVE, the minimum duration for counting the time is 30 seconds, that is, no matter if you make a 5s or 29s call, 30 seconds will be counted.

As if that weren’t enough, time is still counted every 6 seconds.

This means that if you made a call that lasted 31 seconds, your account will be charged the equivalent of a 36 second call.

Such information can be confirmed, in the case of LIVE, by the number * 8486 – option 9.

Going back to the application, the most interesting thing is that you don’t have to go into it to see how many minutes were used.

The application icon itself makes this indication automatically.

THE Callcounter 3 requires jailbreak on your device, and is available at Cydia Store costing $ 2.99, or approximately R $ 4.82, without the IOF, a tax that is charged directly on your credit card statement on international purchases and whose rate has changed to 6.38% in the last month.