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In recent years, Twitter has made several changes and experiments regarding the display order of tweets. Until 2016 we were used to reading in chronological order. But the company then modified its algorithm to show publications without a temporal hierarchy. Although it was already possible to return to the traditional order, it is now being established a button to retrieve the chronological timeline in seconds.

[Atualizado (16/1/2019)] Two weeks after the announcement, the option is finally available. When we open the official Twitter client for Android, you will be asked whether we want to activate the chronological order or keep the most prominent.


A new Twitter button to change the order of tweets

Keith Koleman, vice president of production at Twitter, announced a few days ago the new function that is already present in the iOS application and that will come to the Android tool in the coming weeks. It is a button in the upper right corner consisting of three blue stars. When touched, it allows us to choose the option Switch to the view of most recent tweets and so view the timeline in chronological order.

If we want later reverse this change, we’ll touch the button again and select the option Back to start. With that, Twitter will show tweets again according to relevance. Through the new function we have the possibility to adapt our ‘timeline’ in a matter of seconds.

A change to improve some problems

Twitter people know that the algorithm to show the most relevant tweets does not please all users. On some occasions we need a chronological order to keep up with both the latest news and live events. For this reason, Keith Koleman himself made self-criticism along the same lines as the announcement of the change.

Thanks to this new button, Twitter has managed to make its official application adapt more personalized to each user. The fact that choosing how we want to read the tweets from the accounts we follow is a major step forward. Being able to change the order of our ‘timeline’ at the touch of a button makes receiving information much easier.