J.J.Abrams will, after all, be executive producer on Apple's new original series

For so many and so many times that we cover the hiring of people directly connected to Hollywood and also for news about ordering new series and films (all involving millions of dollars), we are more than certain that the Apple no joke when it comes to original video content.

In another investee, Ma signed a contract with Association of Writers of America (Writers Guild of America), which will contribute a lot to the next contracts made by the company, as reported by Variety. Apple has agreed to the terms that I will grant certain rights to writers, such as script fees, weekly payments, residuals for any program that is broadcast free of charge, and issues of this type.

Writers Guild America

David A. Goodman, president of WGA West, and David Young, executive director, disclosed to members the importance of this contract:

Although almost all of the internet programming covered by the association has so far been subject to a subscription model (consumer payment) such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, Facebook has already launched programs on its service that were free to the consumer. As this market develops, it will be imperative to negotiate MBA protections for writers who are creating content for these services. Our agreement with Apple takes us in that direction.

With that, it is possible to see that Ma really cares about all the bureaucracy behind the contracts, which makes her reputation grow and attracts good professionals.

New series ter J.J.Abrams and Sara Bareilles as executive producers

Speaking of “good professionals”, the Variety also revealed that the filmmaker J.J.Abrams and the singer / songwriter Sara Bareilles will be executive producers of Apple's newest original production.

Sara J.J.Abrams

Entitled "Little Voices", the half-hour series has touches of comedy and drama (that is, be a “drama”). Described as a “diverse New York musicality” love letter, the production explored the journey to find its own authentic voice during its 20s.

Bareilles, who will host the 72nd edition of the Tony Awards, will contribute all of the original music on the program. Apple has already ordered the first ten episodes of the series.

In addition to the two hot names, Jessie Nelson, screenwriter for the (wonderful) film “Uma Lio de Amor” (original title: "I Am Sam"), write the series, act as executive producer and direct the first episode.

There is still no actor / actress name revealed for the series, but it is enough to celebrate the fact that at least this time Ma will be able to work with Abrams, since she lost her other production in a dispute for HBO.

Adaptation of the novel “Shantaram”

In addition to completely original productions, Variety (always her!) announced that Apple will also make a TV adaptation of the book "Shantaram", by Gregory David Roberts.

The story tells about Lin, a convict who escapes from an Australian prison and disappears in the city of Bombay (India). The fictional novel, however, is based somewhat on the author's real life.


The adaptation will be produced by Paramount Television and Anonymous Content, which also own the rights to the novel's sequence, called “The Mountain Shadow”.

The producer will be Eric Warren Singer (screenwriter for "American Hustle"), which act as executive producer. Among other titles, Singer has worked in "The International", "Only the Brave", and was the script writer for the sequence "Top Gun: Maverick".

Apple won the adaptation in a dispute with several interested in acquiring its rights, which shows that the company does believe that it has potential.

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