Intel executive confirms postponement of “Ivy Bridge” chips to June

Ivy Bridge processors are not expected to arrive until the second quarter of 2012

According to information obtained by the Swedish website sweclockers (Google Translate), Intel would be slightly behind schedule to bring its next generation of processors to market. The first Ivy Bridge chips, equipped with 22 nanometer architecture and four cores, should only be ready between March and April of next year, with a version dual-core arriving a month later.

MacBooks Air with Ivy Bridge

This means that significant component upgrades on Ma computers could be postponed to that period, when Apple can abandon Sandy Bridge CPUs, now present on virtually every Mac for sale. In this scenario, the arrival of a 15-inch MacBook Pro / Air could only bring about a change in the housing, adopting essentially the same internal architecture as in 2008, when there was a migration to design. unibody.

Other changes, of course, may be storage (HDDs or larger SSDs) and amount of RAM, but processors with a new architecture should really cost a little to appear. It also has that history of HiDPI that well, you never know.

(via Hardmac)