“ITV” concept created in Russia brings design inspired by iMac and iPhone 5

It is not today that rumors about a possible launch of a television set by the Cupertino firm have been taking place on websites and blogs in which the main subject is Apple products. Taking advantage of this wave of rumors, the people of the Russian website AppleDigger published a concept (Google Translate) of what, in their view, the supposed blockbuster "ITV".

ITV concept

For the Russians, the external design of the TV would follow the lines of the iMac launched in 2012, in black anodized aluminum, following the trend implemented in the iPhone 5. Detail: it would be available only in that color. On the sizes offered, there would be the following options: 30, 41 and 50 inches.

Like the iMac, the iTV would feature a FaceTime HD camera to make video calls, and at the top would be a stereo microphone. Four USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt to connect iDevices, audio connector and even Ethernet. The Wi-Fi antenna would be hidden below the Ma logo.

ITV concept

To avoid overheating, there would be two sets of outlets at the ends and bottom of the appliance, in order to dissipate the internal heat.

And of course, Apple will want to increasingly integrate its products with the line of iPod touch, iPhones and iPads (mini). For this, there would be full integration with the App Store, all duly supported by hardware consisting of an A6 chip (CPU and GPU). Not only that, you could use the iGadgets above with wireless connection, as well as they could also be used as joysticks, all via Bluetooth connection.

Check out a video demonstrating the concept of iTV:

What about?

(via iClarified)