iTunes will serve as the foundation for new MacOS 10.15 Music app

iTunes will serve as the foundation for new MacOS 10.15 Music app

In a recent article, we commented that the iTunes has everything to be sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto several new apps (Music, Podcasts, etc.) on macOS 10.15. We also commented that these new apps would be created based on the Marzipan Project (Apple's new technology that makes it easy to migrate iOS apps to macOS without having to mess with their code too much). But that doesn't seem to be the case for the future new app. Music (Music).

New Music, Podcasts, Apple TV, and Books apps icons for macOS

Talking to your sources inside Apple, Guilherme Rambo, from 9to5Mac, reported that the Music app will actually be a native creation for macOS generated from iTunes itself. Because of this, the new software have many of the advanced features present today in the jukebox, including playlists smart, advanced library management, device synchronization and even the option to read / import music from CDs!

With iTunes separating to basically all kinds of media (remembering that we will also have the Apple TV app for macOS, where you can watch series released by Ma), it will focus 100% on music and so be renamed to well, Music (as in iOS).

Still, while retaining much of its features, iTunes as we know it today may continue to be offered by Apple to anyone who is attached to a function that will not be present in this new app.