iTunes will even be split into several apps on macOS 10.15

iTunes will serve as the basis for new Music app on macOS 10.15

A few days ago, we communicated something long awaited by some macOS users: the possibility of iTunes be divided into several apps in the next version of Apple’s desktop operating system, the macOS 10.15. Today, we have more information on this subject.

The Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo, of 9to5Mac, decided to investigate the story further – which until then was nothing more than a belief (with quite a basis, it is true) of developer Steve Troughton-Smith – and basically confirmed (with sources familiar with the development of the next version of macOS) that this in fact it will happen.

On likely macOS 10.15, we’ll have standalone apps focused on music, podcasts and TV shows and a new / redesigned Books app (Books).

Still according to him, the new Books app will have a sidebar similar to the News app (News) on Mac and will also have a narrower title bar, with different tabs for “Library”, “Book Store” and “Audiobook Store”. In the «Library» tab, the sidebar will list all of the user’s books, audiobooks, PDFs and other collections, including personalized ones.

The apps, as expected, will be created with “Marzipan” (Apple’s new technology that makes it easy to migrate iOS apps to macOS without having to mess with their code). Rambo said he is not sure whether the new Books app will also be created using this technology – but since the iOS app was recently redesigned, it is quite possible that it will.

And that question about which app would be responsible for synchronizing media and content with iPhones, iPads and iPods touch? The solution found by Apple was the most rudimentary possible, according to Rambo: the company will keep iTunes on macOS 10.15 just so that people can continue syncing their gadgets and making backups on macOS.