Apple recommends DJs wait before upgrading to macOS Catalina [atualizado]

iTunes can be split into multiple apps on macOS 10.15

O iTunes an app that bothers a lot of people. And there's an explanation for that: what started as a jukebox became a huge dinosaur with a multimedia store, podcast repository, device backups, and a host of other features. Not today that many would like to see it being divided into some apps, each with a specific function and simpler design we have even seen concepts on the topic. But now this idea has gained a lot out.

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Official image:

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The developer Steve Troughton-Smith, known for investigating the insides of Apple's operating systems, believes this could happen at the launch of macOS 10.15, which is due to be presented at WWDC19 (June 3-7).

On Twitter, he said he was quite confident (based on evidence he doesn't want to make public now) that Apple is planning new music apps, podcasts and possibly books for macOS that would join the already announced Apple TV app (present today). on iOS and will hit macOS sometime because of the launch of Apple TV +).

This, of course, would be part of the Marzipan project, which basically aims at creating universal apps (with a single code and a few modifications, developers were able to create an app that would run on both iOS and macOS).

Apple has even kicked off the project on macOS Mojave 10.14, with the introduction of the Home, Stock, Recorder and News apps (previously unavailable in Brazil) which were previously only available on iOS. As we already have the Music, Podcasts and Books apps on Apple's mobile operating system well, you get the point.

That would basically mean to the happiness of many that iTunes as we know it today may soon die.

Since Steve has a great track record for discoveries in Ma systems, the likelihood of this happening is quite high. I particularly like the idea a lot. The only question: which app would be responsible for bridging content and iPhones / iPads / iPods touch, especially given that some people don't like iCloud and still use iTunes to sync content (and as I said above) , backups of your devices)? Will we see the return of iSync?

But that is a mere detail.

via MacRumors