It's worth remembering: Apple Pencil works only with iPad Pro

It's worth remembering: Apple Pencil works only with iPad Pro

Along with the iPad Pro, Apple also launched the Apple Pencil. We have already talked a lot about the accessory here on the site, see here

The product is already sold in Brazil for R $ 749.00 (or R $ 674.10 at sight), with delivery scheduled for 4-6 weeks. But it is worth reinforcing here something very important for those who liked this new “toy”: it works only with the iPad Pro.

The reader Luiz Fernando visited an Apple Retail Store and had the opportunity to test Apple's digital pencil. As we can see in the video above, Pencil does not work on the iPad Air 2 or any other device other than the iPad Pro.

We know that the accessory was created with the giant Apple tablet in mind, but many thought that the pencil would work in some way on other iPads. But no, it doesn't even work as a stylus common because, it seems, its tip in the capacitive.

On a related note, many users missed an official way to attach the Pencil to the iPad Pro. Reddit) noticed that the pencil is magnetic and can hold Smart Cover on the giant tablet, as reported by Mac Kung Fu.

Apple Pencil attached to a Smart Cover

You can’t be sure if Apple really did it intentionally other than it didn’t promote anywhere, the Smart Cover doesn’t hold the accessory so securely so it only works with the case closed, but it’s still a option for some.