Sunday party on the smartphone with apps "fresh to install"

It's time to take a look at what's new in the app world. Enjoy these are free

Before looking at our proposals, we already anticipate that Mark Zukerberg's team decided to surprise and anticipated the launch of the mobile version of Facebook Gaming, although only available, for now, for users of Anroid devices.

Besides, it has applications that can help you take better group photos, protect the planet or identify plants. And an invitation to an online Mech war.

Facebook Gaming already has a mobile version. Social network anticipates launch in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic

Facebook decided to "gift" users and make the mobile version of Facebook Gaming available two months ahead of schedule. For now, the app is only available for Android.

From now on, you can explore Facebook Gaming on your smartphone. The social network decided to anticipate the launch of the app due to measures of social contact restriction worldwide and intends to make it easier to find games, streams and groups of gamers that users follow.

The app allows the community to watch the games and have access to the game streaming universe, but it doesn't stop there. Users can stream themselves and chat with the rest of the participants.

In the area of ​​streams, Facebook ensures that the application works as if it were using the desktop version, with live streams being the highlight. As for the games, being able to explore them according to your interest.

After the launch of the web version in March 2019, the technological giant is now launching the application, until now available only for Android. However, in an interview with the New York Times, Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook Gaming app, explains that an iOS application will be launched as soon as Apple approves.

SayCheese or the art of putting two phones at the service of a photo

The possibility is not new, but the suggestion is valid for the way that an app of its kind can give. In this case, even with more than one practical example.

For starters, SayCheese allows you to control the camera of a second smartphone remotely. And in what situations can this be an asset? The creators of the app suggest, in the first place: taking group selfies.

Just imagine, at a given moment, that there is no extra person to take the photo. You can always sacrifice yourself – or one of your friends or family – and the picture will be incomplete.

It is also a fact that you can use the timer and schedule the shooting, but you will always have to confirm, later, how the photograph was, but there is a chance of the traditional selfie, but whoever takes it is always very close, sometimes too much, this when it doesn’t come out cut .

For these and one or another reason, SayCheese presents itself as a good resource, when controlling two phones, where one serves as a control, which you have in hand or very close, and the other serves as a remote camera, placed at the desired distance and to reflect the captured image. They will only confirm the frame and shoot or start recording a video.

In addition to taking pictures, another suggestion left by the creators is that the application be used to transform a second smartphone, which has an abandoned home, into a security camera.

It is the warning that SayCheese is still in the development phase, so it can be unstable. In addition, it is free to use, with in-app ads and purchases and is available for Android devices from the Play Store.

Make a difference and help protect the planet with Earth Challenge 2020

Through Earth Challenge 2020, users can document and share air quality and the level of plastic pollution from their location. In addition, they can discover a set of sustainable practices and activities to do in their day-to-day activities.

To mark the transition from 50 Earth Day to the digital world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization responsible for commemorating the date launched the Earth Challenge 2020, an application where users can make a difference and help protect our planet.

The application is linked to some of the proposals for the 24-hour steel challenge launched on the Earth Day website. In it, users will be able to document and share the air quality of their location. The information will then be added to a global database and will allow us to understand how human activity, or the lack of it, has an impact on the level of air pollution we breathe.

Pollution of the environment by plastics is another issue that has been worrying Humanity and Reduce, reuse and reuse become slogans. Through Earth Challenge 2020, users can document the plastic pollution levels of their area, while not forgetting to comply with all necessary safety measures in times of pandemic. The data will also be part of the Earth Day Network database.

Earth Challenge 2020 provides information about sustainable practices and activities that everyone can undertake in their day-to-day activities. Also highlighted are a set of virtual over-the-top lessons such as environmental pollution.

The Earth Day Network application is free and available for Android, on the Play Store, and for iOS, on the App Store.

Discover the names of flowers, plants and trees around you with the help of an app

If you have doubts about the names of flowers and plants, or other details, the Picture This app is a pocket help that you can take on garden walks.

The purpose of the application is simply to help users discover the names of flowers, plants and trees that surround them. Just point your phone, take a photo and wait for the result.

The Picture This app is reliable and usually resolves the mystery in a few seconds, showing the name of the plant or flower, and some more details. But if you don't have an immediate answer you can always ask for help from the community.

You can also explore the most relevant plants on a map around you, or around the world, and get help to take care of the ones you have at home, with an irrigation calendar.