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It's over: Google reveals that it won't launch any more Nexus devices

Since the first rumors of the creation of a new Google-branded smartphone line began to circulate on the Internet, many users had already imagined that the search giant's next step would be to end the Nexus series. Well, that day has come, and officially, Google has decided to rule on the end of the series that for many years has led many technology enthusiasts to delirium.

The news comes shortly after the announcement of the new Pixel and Pixel XL, when journalists attending the launch event questioned Google about the company's plans for the Nexus series. According to Google, the company has no plans to launch any Nexus products for years to come, thus marking the end of a family of eight smartphones that carry pure Android.

AndroidPIT Nexus 5X 8925
Nexus 5X doesn't have Pixel Launcher and may not even have it / AndroidPIT

Above all, the Nexus program existed so that Google could instruct several manufacturers how to develop the best hardware for Android. Products bearing the series seal promoted a tight integration between system resources and hardware. In addition to serving as a 'laboratory' for new versions of the OS, the Nexus have managed over the last few years to reach different price ranges.

However, the exclusivity of these products and the strong appeal to pure software were never convincing enough that other user profiles could be interested in Google Phones. Nexus were often ignored by most users, who preferred to look for options that came with other extras and features, such as the Samsung Galaxy.

The interest game between Google and the manufacturers also kept Nexus smartphones from being more popular.

Basically, the big audience for the Nexus has always been the mobile tech enthusiast and fan. The limitation that surrounds manufacturers' interests and their action in some markets was also another stumbling block for Google. Here in Brazil, for example, only three Nexus handsets were officially sold between 2010 and 2016.

The uncertain future of Google Pixel

The new Google Pixel comes with pure software, accompanied by unique features and reach the international market with hardware and competitive price. However, if we look closely at Google's proposal for these devices, we can see that the Pixel differentials are basically the same as separating the Nexus from other smartphones in the market.

Therefore, Google's promise around these devices is the same: pure and exclusive software, receiving upgrades in advance and purchase exclusivity. As a result, the new Big G smartphones can meet the same prospects as the extinct line, the same audience and market limitations. If this happens, Google will have just made a symbolic name change.

ANDROIDPIT pixel event 9
The Pixel XL is the largest of the two models with 5.5 inches of screen / ANDROIDPIT

Of course, Google has every chance of turning this game around, especially if the company is committed to expanding its handset offering. This includes, of course, taking Pixel to countries that are abstaining from Google Phones, such as Brazil. The buying mode also deserves to undergo a revamped, as many users are not used to the Google Store and prefer to buy retail or carriers.

Have you ever used a Nexus device? Do you think pixels will have a different success than Nexus models?

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