It’s official: the new iPhone SE is among us [atualizado: comercial]

It’s official: the new iPhone SE is among us [atualizado: comercial]

THE 9to5Mac missed the date, but got the name right; Jon Prosser (who is proving to have good sources within Apple) got the date right, but got the name wrong: Apple just announced the long-awaited – and quite leaked – new generation of iPhone SE, model 2020.

This is the “iPhone 9” that we talked about in rumors for months, and that Apple must have preferred not to name in this way so as not to create confusion for nothing. Now, did it launch the iPhone X (10) in 2017, the 11 in 2019, and launch the “9” in 2020? Complicated.

When the first iPhone SE was launched in 2016, many associated this “Special Edition” to a smaller iPhone – after all, at the time it had internal iPhone 6s components, only placed inside the classic iPhone 5s housing, with its little screen 4 inches. The idea here is the same: the case of an old iPhone (in this case, the 8 – with aluminum sides in a glass “sandwich”, including IP67 certification), with modern components.

So this is it: on the outside, the new iPhone SE is virtually identical to the 8 – which is going out of line today, of course -, with the good old screen of 4.7 inches (with True Tone technology and no 3D Touch, like the latest ones), large frames, start button with Touch ID, wireless charging (Qi), etc. Inside, we have a chip A13 Bionic (yes, the same that equips the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) and other updated components, such as Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit LTE; the rear camera is one, but it’s apparently the same main wide-angle as most recent iPhones, with 12 megapixel aperture f/1.8 and the ability to shoot in 4K at 60 frames per second.

“The first iPhone SE was a hit with many customers who loved its unique combination of small size, sophisticated performance and affordable price; the new second generation of iPhone SE is based on this great idea and the improvement in all ways – including the best single camera system ever for great photos and videos – and still being very affordable ”, said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

“IPhone SE incorporates the industry-leading performance of the A13 Bionic, providing great battery life, stunning photos with Portrait Mode and Smart HDR, recording amazing videos with stereo audio, great for gaming and super-fast web browsing, and it is built with the same industry-leading security features that our customers expect. We can’t wait to put iPhone SE in the hands of customers, ”concluded Schiller.

The new iPhone SE will go on sale in the United States and other countries this Friday (17/4), with delivery scheduled for 4/24, and will start from US $ 400 for a model 64GB, also available in 128GB ($ 450) and 256GB ($ 550). It will be sold in colors white, black and red – the latter, part of the (PRODUCT) RED campaign to fight AIDS in Africa but now also gathering donations for the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) -, all of which have a black front.

Prices in Brazil

For now, there is no forecast of when the device will arrive in Brazil – but we already have its prices:

  • 64GBR $ 3,699 in up to 12x or R $ 3,329.10 at sight
  • 128GB: R $ 3,999 in up to 12x or R $ 3,599.10 in sight
  • 256GBR $ 4,499 in up to 12x or R $ 4,049.10

Launching in the middle of a pandemic

It is at least weird to see Apple launching a new iPhone – just weeks after bringing us new iPad Pro and a new MacBook Air – in the middle of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but it, like any other company on the planet, is striving to keep its business running despite all of this adversity.

Of course, a lot of people won’t even consider investing in a new iPhone right now (and they shouldn’t, really), but roughly what we’re seeing today is an updated / improved iPhone 8 and a cheaper $ 50 out there. That is, there is not much to complain about.

This new iPhone SE can be a good option for those who actually need a new device and do not want to spend a lot, for those who do not care about the latest technologies (screen occupying the entire front, Face ID, etc.) but do not open iOS, as a cheaper alternative for parents to give their children and so on.

Update Apr 15, 2020 at 13:30

Apple has already released on YouTube a first commercial of the new iPhone SE, all in Portuguese:

Black, white or red. Compact 4.7 inch design. Studio quality photos. 4K high definition video. Long battery life. A13 Bionic chip, the fastest on a smartphone. And the security of Touch ID, with privacy that comes from the factory. iPhone SE. It’s too much iPhone for less.

It was cool. ?