It's official: Instagram app for iOS now lets you manage up to five accounts! [atualizado]

It's official: Instagram app for iOS now lets you manage up to five accounts! [atualizado]

Last week we reported that the Instagram started testing support for multiple accounts in the iPhones app, but it didn’t set an exact date to release the feature. Most likely satisfied with the implementation, they decided to make the feature available to all users starting today.

Starting this week, you can switch between multiple accounts! 🎉

According to information from the social network help center, users can now set up to five accounts and quickly switch between them without having to sign out and sign in again. The implementation was done without the need to update the app itself, that is, the current version of the app on the App Store (7.15) already offers the feature.

To add an account, go to the Profile tab and tap the settings icon (in the upper right corner). Then just touch the option Add Account (Add account); j to switch between accounts, go to the “Profile” tab and tap on the user name at the top of the screen (the account options will appear next).

The company also explains that if you have added multiple accounts to the app, you can receive notifications push of all of them but that it depends on when the last session on each of them started and on the number of devices that have the same account logged on.

It is worth noting that not everyone is viewing the resource yet, but it should be a matter of time before the change is propagated.

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Update · 02/09/2016 s 17:45

Has the resource not yet appeared to you? As we said, it's a matter of time until you paint on your Instagram. But if you want to speed up this process, here's a simple tip: just delete the application and reinstall it for the functionality to appear. 😉

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