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It's not just designers: Apple's hiring of engineers is also at an all-time high (raising suspicion)

A few weeks ago, we commented here on a discovery by the business analysis firm Thinknum that raised everyone's ears: a drastic leap in Apple's hiring of designers. Would it be the entry plans in a new product category? Perhaps a profound change in the company's aesthetic language? Who knows something totally unexpected?

No one knows for sure what the high means, but now we have another survey from the same firm to bolster our hopes that Ma is preparing something different: not only are designers being hired in Cupertino, but also hardware engineers.

Thinknum Engineer Hiring Research at Apple

Just look at the chart above: In the historic low considering the last 20 months, Apple had 665 new engineering jobs occupied in the company; Last week, this number increased to 1,198 new vacancies, indicating an 80% growth in this period.

Some of the openings in recent weeks include niches such as Analog Layouts Designer, Advanced Materials Scientist (Electrolyte Development), Senior Design Engineer, Motion Sensor Hardware Engineer (Magnetism) and even a Flexible Screen Specialist. Did you think the same as me?

Thinknum added that the jump in hiring does not necessarily indicate that Ma is preparing something new, but one thing for sure: whatever they are doing in the Apple Park basement, something that needs thousands of engineers to do. Anyone have guesses?

via AppleInsider