“It’s not a policy that we support,” says Tim Cook of Donald Trump’s immigrant ban

After meeting with Donald Trump, Tim Cook explains to employees the importance of engaging with governments

The thing is on fire U.S. Even in his first days as president of the country, Donald Trump signed on Friday (27/1) one of the most controversial decrees so far. The order to ban the entry of citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudo, Somalia, Imen and Libya for 120 days (countries whose majority population is Muslim) in the USA including those with green card and H-1B visas.

Something so drastic like this obviously directly affects many (almost all?) Companies in Silicon Valley, which have employees from all over the world. And its representatives have already expressed, many with caution (even too much), discontent with the decree.

In an email distributed internally at Apple, obtained by BuzzFeed, Tim Cook recalled that «Apple would not exist without immigration, let alone be successful and innovate as we do». Steve Jobs, it is worth remembering, was the (biological) son of a serious immigrant.

Cook continued in the letter, stating that this ?is not a policy that we support? and that Apple’s human resources (HR), legal and security teams are in contact with all affected employees to provide support / guidance. ?Apple open. Open to everyone, no matter where they come from, what language they speak, who they love or who they admire. Our employees represent the best talents in the world, and our team leaves them from every corner of the globe, ?concluded Cook.

THE BuzzFeed it is also gathering other similar statements from companies like Microsoft, Google, Uber, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, Lyft, Twitter, etc.

Fortunately, while I was still writing this article here for the , an American federal judge has at least temporarily suspended the validity of Trump’s decree. It is not the end of the case, but it is already a conquest of the people against Trump’s xenophobia.