It's coming? IOS 12.2 Sixth Beta Brings AirPower Support

After updating some iPads on Monday and the iMacs today, it is already clear that Apple has booked this second half of March to present news next Monday's event proves that point. Now a discovery indicates that one more release may be on its way after a long time, much time.

While reviewing the changes in the code of the latest iOS 12.2 beta, our friend and developer of 9to5Mac, Guilherme Rambo, found an information beyond there for the animator: the latest test version is the first to support the Airpower, the mythical Apple wireless charger announced more than a year ago and so far gone. Are we finally about to arrive?

According to Rambo, there are significant differences in the code of the new beta version, specifically in what concerns wireless charging control. Newly added commands are responsible, for example, for identifying when two devices are being loaded on the same surface which of course should refer to AirPower.

IOS 12.2 beta 6 also features the 3D animations that will be displayed on devices when devices are reloading on AirPower. This indicates that if the charger is actually announced in the coming days, it should only actually hit stores next to the release of the final version of iOS 12.2, which should happen next week.

Is that impossible to really happen and will we see AirPower in the real world soon? Let's wait.