It's bullshit! Microsoft claims that migration from Mac to Surface is the biggest ever, and one reason is “disappointment” with new MacBook Pro

When we talk here about the new Surfaces From Microsoft, the overwhelming majority of your comments have been extremely positive, including comparing the giant Redmond's new (and beautiful) machines with the new ones. MacBooks Pro and giving advantage to early sentiments echoed, by the way, by much of the tech admirers around the world.

Now, it was Microsoft itself that decided to take advantage of this virtually undesirable situation and make fun of its (former) main competitor.

Microsoft Surface Book i7

In a post on the official Windows blog, the company celebrated the success of its new line of computers and stated that this November was the month with the best Surfaces sales in history. Not only that, though: the number of consumers who turned their backs on Mac and decided to open the new machines from Big m It was the biggest ever.

Among the reasons Uncle Satya and his class see for such a migration, the post lists the successful trading program in which Microsoft gives a credit of up to $ 650 in delivering a Mac to buy a Surface, as well as a Community “disappointment” in new MBPs especially among professionals.

Our MacBook (for Surfaces) swap program was the best ever, and the combination of Surfaces' innovation and disappointment with the new MacBook Pro especially among professionals is driving more and more people to switch to Surface. (). It seems that every day comes a new review recommending a Surface instead of a MacBook. This makes our team extremely proud because it means we are doing a good job.

Of course, on her side, Apple is doing its best to announce to the world that sales of its new MBPs are going wildly coldly analyzing the situation, moreover, Microsoft's comments do not necessarily rule out the possibility of Apple's machines. being successful. Still, it will be interesting to see the unfolding of this fight.

(via TechCrunch)