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It's a joke? Apple will not offer discount to exchange iPhones batteries in Brazil, according to EXAME [atualizado: errou!]

After weeks of controversy, Apple finally made it public yesterday to apologize for mutinously slowing down the performance of degraded battery iPhones, announcing, among other things, a good discount for the replacement of power components in the United States (from $ 79 to $ 29, throughout 2018).

That's the thing: Considering that the whole awkward situation for Ma was already armed, this response was one of the worst they could have given. But if information obtained by EXAM To proceed, we Brazilian Apple users, we can put the clown nose at once and laugh at our own image in the mirror.

The magazine contacted Apple Brazil to check what would be the discount on battery exchange offered here (usually this service goes out for R $ 449 in national lands) and ran into the wall.

Consulted by the site EXAMApple said it already supports battery exchange in the country and has indicated the website where it presents the conditions and prices of this service.

There, two conditions are specified for the free replacement of the battery: when the iPhone is still under warranty or when the customer is right by the Consumer Code.

Except for these two situations, the price for replacing batteries is fixed at R $ 449.

That is, if the information proceeds, our dear republic will not see any kind of discount on battery replacement and, in fact, we understand that Apple's apology does not extend to its Brazilian users. What nonsense.

It is so absurd, moreover, that we cannot rule out the possibility of a simple mismatch of information between the EXAM and Apple Brazil. You never know: the magazine may have consulted a press office not yet familiar with the controversy (which is a must, but it may happen). Perhaps the company has not yet decided what its plan to act in Brazil is and has preferred to issue this surreal announcement. Or am I being naive?

The fact that, until further notice, we will continue to expect an official word from Apple Brazil on the subject. If so, perhaps the revolt generated by this news may at least make the company reconsider the decision (if it has already been taken, that is).

tip of @phpvieira

Update by Rafael Fischmann 12/30/2017 at 12:00 AM

As we suspected, the EXAM wrong ugly. Brazil will have an even greater price reduction than announced for the United States.