It's 2017, but blatant copies of iPhones are still a hit in China… for 1/8 of the price

Let's go back a few years back to 2009, when the iPhone he was still a mere infant of two springs and sat comfortably alone on the summit of the beautiful mountain that was the height of boom technology of smartphones. Parallel to the success of Ma's smartphone, a parallel market of infinite copies of the iPhone developed in China, notorious for its products without any originality or durability, and here our beloved Mercado Livre sold these shameless clones for a fraction of the price. (and quality, obviously).

Eight years later, things have changed. Several Chinese companies have dedicated themselves to building cutting edge products, with refined design and remarkable quality, to compete with the best American, European, Japanese or Korean creations and, on smartphones, the scenario is not very different, with names like the OnePlus 3T or the Xiaomi Mi Mix often appearing on the list of the best devices in the world.

However, as the saying goes, old habits die hard. And, perhaps because of that, we still have to see some really blatant copies of the iPhone appearing there from the other side of the world. the case of this new model from the (obscure) manufacturer UMIDIGI, christened UMIDIGI G. Good to see with your own eyes:

UMIDIGI G Smartphone

As I don't even need to say, the smartphone is a clone quite similar to the iPhone 7, from the curved glass to the signal reception lines, which here are purely a device to get even closer to Ma's smartphone, since the plastic back with aluminum appearance instead of the metal characteristic of the iPhone. In addition, UMIDIGI G brings very average specifications, such as a 5-inch HD screen, four-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 8 (rear) and 2 (front) megapixel cameras, front biometric sensor and support to two SIM cards with 4G receiver.

At least one point is debatable whether the clone has an advantage over the original, since UMIDIGI G runs on pure Android 7.0 instead of iOS 10 (please, no fights in the comments). In another, the Chinese copy easily outperforms the legitimate iPhone, since the Chinese smartphone brings a headphone outlet. Apparently, the courage to copy was left, but the courage to remove the analogue connector was lacking. _ () _ /

UMIDIGI G Smartphone

The most attractive point of UMIDIGI G, obviously, is its price: you can have a device very similar to an iPhone for 1/8 of the value of an iPhone, since the manufacturer asks for mere $ 80 (~ R $ 260) for his most recent ‚Äúcreation‚ÄĚ (emphasis on quotes, please). Of course, we will ignore all potential problems of construction quality, radiation levels and inhumane working conditions; if you want to make waves with friends or impress your co-worker, anything goes, right?

The sale of the smartphone (in China) will start on 5/20, but you can register now to have early access to UMIDIGI G on this page as long as you are not also concerned with bearing the import costs, of course.

As my friend Rafael Fischmann would say: call the lawyer, Apple!

(via Cult of Mac)