Itaú launches its first commercial for Apple Pay

Being an exclusive partner of Apple Pay launching here in Brazil, of course the Banco Ita would exploit that advantage over competitors in advertisements. And it came today, with a commercial created specifically for Apple's payment service (tip from reader Gabriel Lacorte).

Entitled “Pay with WOW!”, The commercial even follows the line of Apple's latest, showing how fast and easy it is to make a transaction in physical stores by iPhone or Apple Watch.

Ita now with Apple Pay. Paying was easy, fast and secure. Impressive.

As we announced here on the website even before the launch of Apple Pay, Ita has an exclusive agreement with Apple of 90 days. In these three months, only national, international, Gold, Platinum, Black or Infinite Ita or Itaucard credit cards in addition to Credicard cards, which are operated by the bank, can be used on Apple Pay.

Someone has been disappointed by the lack of support for debit cards. However, according to Marcelo Kopel (executive director of Ita-Unibanco), such cards will be added soon; he just didn’t specify an exact date.

Also according to Kopel, already in the early hours of yesterday (when Apple Pay was launched), more than 10,000 customer registrations were made to use the service. The bank claimed to have a base of 1.2 million customers who are already able to use the service (customers who have iPhones 6 or newer). We reached this number based on the customers who use our app, revealed the executive.

He also said that Ita is making a large investment to raise awareness and show that Apple Pay is a secure payment service. In Kopel's view, Brazilians are quick to adopt new technologies. For this reason, the bank is betting heavily on massive adoption (at least of early-adopters) in this first phase: Once these people start to transact, it generates the effect of positive contamination.

And the market is prepared for this, at least with regard to payment terminals. According to the executive director, machines with NFC technology represent 75% of the market, all it takes is a software update to make everything work: The hardware is ready and the software is ready. There will be a natural tendency to update.

Kopel also commented on the possible entry of Ita in services competing with Apple Pay, such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay: as we see customers adopting the platform and seeing others, natural (the partnership with other companies like Google and Samsung), pointed out the executive.

But it's not just Ita that is moving and surfing the Apple Pay wave, no. Apple’s partner physical stores are taking specific action for those using Ma’s mobile payment system.

At Fnac and Livraria Cultura stores, there is a special line for those paying for Apple Pay. In addition, they are offering a 20% discount on selected items for payments made with the service.

via IDG Now