Itaú App: Here's why you can install yours!

Not only was the account access through the computer, the Ita Application is another exclusive way available for customers of this bank to enjoy the advantages, without having to go to an agency. Available for smartphones With Android operating system equal to and above 4.0.3 and iOS equal to and above 7.0, the Ita App is increasingly modern and up to date.

Currently, more than 727,000 Brazilians would already evaluate the application in the Play Store, making its rating reach 4.2 out of 5.0 stars, leaving it expecting to be a very good application to use.

Several services can be performed through your mobile phone, accessing your account at any time, with all the security that Banco Ita can offer. These are the benefits that the company emphasizes for everyone.

Ita Application: How to install and use?

If you are an Ita customer, download the Ita App directly from your mobile phone through the Google Play app store or AppStore, for example.

I wait for the download to finish and open the application to understand how it works.

Right at the start page of the Ita App, it welcomes you, offering you two access options if you already have an Ita account, you need to access I already have an Ita account, or if you would like to open an Ita account, just click I am new here.

  1. Given that you are already an Ita customer, you will need to enter your Agency number and Account number. If you want the app to remember this data in the next few hits, just slide the relevant button next to Remember Agency and Account.
  1. Click Sign In to continue to the next screen that requires your electronic password. Tap the number accordingly and click ok.

Ready. You are now on the page of your Ita account and can use the main tools offered by the bank. See s!

  • To check your easy balance: you can see it right away! Below your information (name, agency number and account), there is the current account balance and the existing amount!
  • To view your statement, simply click View statement, just below your balance. There is still in the lower menu in orange the option extract, easy, no?

With the updates, it can be noted greater organization and ease of consultation with search field, tabbed operations and export of future releases to the mobile calendar.

  • Now, to make payments, you need to click on transactions, which are next to statement, in the bottom menu. There payments, transfers and much more are available in one place!

By clicking on transactions, the new screen will provide you with several alternatives. Click pay bill to have the opportunity to use your phone's camera to read the bar code of your accounts, let the app identify the document and make the payment using your password.

If you wish, proof of payment can be sent via email, Facebook Messenger, SMS or even via WhatsApp.

Advantages and disadvantages Ita application

And the Ita Application does not stop it. You can still enjoy many other services related to your account, without having to leave the comfort of your home or office hours!

The advantages of having Ita Application in your smartphone only:

  • To recharge your prepaid phone,
  • See your credit card information,
  • Pay the bill for your credit card,
  • Make transfers between Ita accounts or to other banks (such as Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa, etc.),
  • Consult and make investments or redeem investments such as Savings and Investment Funds,
  • Know or even hire insurance and services to make your trip more comfortable and reliable,
  • Fingerprint Access (touch ID).

In addition, the Ita Application has a menu with frequently asked questions, and you can choose to view them by subject!

Banco Ita has been updating the application to make it even lighter on mobile. However, for some people the Ita Application may end up crashing and closing due to this may be some temporary problem that will be remedied by the team: you can contact the developer and evaluate by telling the problem. Evaluations in the application store are important for Banco Ita to know what needs to be improved to further satisfy its customers.

Always remember to keep the Ita App with the latest version, as well as your smartphone.